by Jeffrey Rodman

Knowledge & Experience

Grant writing consultants come with the knowledge and experience in developing grant proposals that have actually been awarded. We know the critical elements of a funding inquiry that will enable funding to occur at a much higher rate than someone without this knowledge and experience. We perform careful research to only include the most well matched foundations and to eliminate foundations that are not a likely match. Lastly, we have specific knowledge and experience related to your type of organization.   You should look for a consultant with relevant experience.

An Outside Perspective

Consultants bring a new perspective on your organization enabling them to diagnosis the issues that may be preventing your organization from securing grant funding.


Grant writing consultants often work with multiple agencies and organizations. They usually have a library full of grant writing books and resources. They subscribe to multiple databases to ensure that they have access to information on every known funding source possible. They usually have multiple staff members enabling them to have experts in research, writing, administration, and other areas critical for grant success.

Why Hire a consultant to write my grants?

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Grant writer and consultant:

Part of your sustainability solution


Consultants have developed proven systems that enable them to be successful time and time again. These systems make for an efficient process that would take a staff person years to develop.

Cost Effective 

Hiring a consultant will save your organization valuable dollars. You pay only for what you need and avoid paying for expensive benefits.