As a funder, it is refreshing  
   and exciting to find writers
   that capture the work and
   vision of an organization.
   Reviewing Kathleen’s
   proposal was a pleasure in
   a haystack of many.

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Successful grant proposals:  Show me the money!

Every month my clients receive $10,000 to $100,000 in small to moderate awards.  In addition, here are some of the larger grants we have received as a result of our work together.  

$1,050,000 US Small Business Innovation Research Program Awards

Querium received Phase I and Phase II awards from the US Small Business Innovation Research Program to fund artificial intelligence research focused on education. (2016)

$500,000 US Department of Justice Award

Texas State Board of Pharmacy received funding to develop a robust data system to gather information from pharmacists in order to prevent and identify illicit use of prescription drugs. (2015)

$900,000 HRSA Award

120 Peer Recovery Coaches will be trained annually (360 over 3 years) in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and El Paso to work with young people ages 18-25 to sustain recovery from substance use disorders.  The project is being administered by Association of Persons Affected by Addiction (APAA) (2014)

$750,000 SAMHSA Award

450 people seeking recovery from substance abuse will receive peer-to-peer recovery support services in the Dallas Region through the leadership of the Association of Persons Affected by Addiction (APAA).  (2013)

$189,409 Texas Department of Transportation Award

Please Be Kind to Cyclists is developing and distributing a video designed to change the behaviors of drivers and bicyclists in order to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities involving cyclists on Texas roadways. (2013)

100% success:  7 proposals and 7 awards:  $983,330

I have written 7 proposals for Texas CASA and they received 7 awards between 2012 and 2015.

$1.46 Million AmeriCorps Award

Over 7,000 pre-kindergarten to 2nd grade struggling young readers will receive evidence-based one-on-one tutoring so they can get off to a strong start in school through ACE.  This proposal was written in partnership with ACE Program Manager, Dr. Mary Ellen Isaacs.  It will allow ACE to double its capacity! (2012).  Our overall success rate for grants submitted on behalf of ACE over a two year period was 85%. 

$1.9 Million in Awards from 2 National Foundations

Funding from the Open Society and Kresge Foundations will help move 500 low income residents of the lower Rio Grande Valley out of poverty and into high paying jobs with the help of VIDA's innovative, evidence based case management and supportive services. (2011-2012)

$210,000 SAMHSA Award

Mental health consumers will form a learning community with the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) Texas and become informed advocates on behalf of people with mental illness.  Consumers will serve on boards and committees that make or implement mental/behavioral healthcare policy. (2012)

$1.75 Million Award

I worked with the team at GLSEN to write a federal grant in one week.  We heard in May that this resulted in an award of $1.75 million to implement an anti-bullying campaign across the nation.  The Project will train teachers and administrators to take steps to provide safe schools for gay, lesbian and transgender youth.  (2011)

$8 Million Award

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission received a federal award of approximately $8 million, to establish 30 new computer centers and upgrade another 125 at libraries across the State of Texas.  This amounts to 2,200 new accessible free workstations for Texans. In addition to the more than 125 jobs we estimate the project will create, it will provide a foundation for economic growth and job creation for decades to come. (2010)

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